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Save Money with the UT Libraries

Guide for both faculty and students to use resources already available to them to save on textbook and other course material expenses.

Course Readings

Link to Library Resources

Instead of asking students to purchase course readings, see if we have electronic access in the library.   

1. Search for the resource using the search box on the Libraries home page.

2. Add it to your Canvas page using the permalink provided in the record..

screenshot of article record with a red circle around the permalink button

Things to consider:

Articles:  if we have an article available as a pdf, you may download the pdf and upload it to Canvas instead of creating a link if creating a link is problematic.

Ebooks:  Because we get our ebooks from different publishers and vendors with different models, they all work differently.  Once you find the ebook you want your students to use, before linking to the record, check this guide to see any limitations, including number of simultaneous users and how much can be printed. 

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