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Black Queer Studies Collection


Films in the Collection

Films in the Black Queer Studies Collection (BQSC) are housed along with the rest of the University's Audio/Visual Collection at the Fine Arts Library. 

You can browse the films in the Black Queer Studies Collection by: 

  1. Search the Library Catalog.
  2. Using the quotation marks, enter:
    "Black Queer Studies Collection"
  3. Run the search, then use the limiters above your results to show only films.
  4. You can limit your search to "DVDs", which will not include films on VHS tapes.
  5. You can also limit your search by location to "Fine Arts Library". This will include VHS tapes in with the DVDs, along with any books in the collection that are housed at the FAL. 

Streaming Video

Discover more film beyond the BQSC through UT Libraries resources like Kanopy. Like other streaming services, the content Kanopy offers changes frequently. Browse by subject to discover documentaries, movies, tv series, and art films made by and about black queer folk.

Films from the Collection

Movie poster of Living With Pride: Ruth Ellis @ 100. Poster includes black and white photo of Ruth Ellis squatting and leaning up against a car.

Living with pride [videorecording] : Ruth Ellis @ 100 / Our Film Works presents ; written, directed, and produced by Yvonne Welbon.

Film poster for the movie Karmen Gei and has a picture of a woman dancing in front of a crowd with their arms in the air. Quote on the poster says, "...One of the most beautiful presentations of the Carmen myth reconstructed with a new setting, contemporary Senegal. - Le Figaro"

Karmen Geï [videorecording]  scénario, Joseph Gaï Ramaka ; producteur, Richard Sadler ; réalisation, Joseph Gaï Ramaka.

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