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UGS 302: Utopia and Dystopia in American Lit - Murphy

Find Articles and News Sources

Find Articles on a Topic

If you don't have a specific article already in mind and just need items for your topic, think about: 

  • What kind of information you need on your topic, 
  • Who would write about it,
  • Where those articles would be published. 

Newspapers and popular magazines are good sources for current events and controversies. Scholarly journals publish articles reporting research results or reviewing existing research findings.

Example: You are writing a paper about immigration debates in America. You want to explore current news coverage and find personal testimonies from immigrants in America. 

What you need: Who would write it: Where it would be published:
current news coverage on immigration debates Journalists news magazines, newspapers, podcasts
Personal stories from immigrants Journalists, activists, individuals Popular magazines, news magazines, radio interviews

Find a Database

Databases at UT cover a wide range of subjects and contain a wide range of materials, including news articles, scholarly articles, images, videos, etc. 

You can search in databases that are multidisciplinary (meaning it contains different types of materials on different subject areas) or subject-specific (meaning it covers one subject area, like history). 

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