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UGS 303: Gender, Slavery and Freedom / Berry

Finding scholarly articles and books.

Databases I recommend for this class

What's the deal with Google Scholar?

Google Scholar searches many of our subscriptions with that comfy Google interface and proprietary algorithm. 

Is everything 'scholarly'?

  • No, make sure to take a look at the original source. Who wrote it? Was it published? Where?

Sometimes I can get the articles when I search Google Scholar, sometimes I can't. 

  • If you're off campus, this likely means you need to 'sign in' to our subscriptions. Head to, choose the Articles tab on the blue search box and click the Google Scholar link:

I got, like, a million results in Google Scholar.

  • Try using the advanced search, which isn't very advanced. It's the downward pointing arrow at the end of the search bar. You're better off strategizing a better set of keywords.

Books are never peer reviewed, but they can be scholarly.

Take a look at who wrote the book. Where do they work, what else have they written? Another clue may be the press that publishes the book - is it affiliated with a university?

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