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Finding News and News Evaluation

Rates, Reports, and Data


Standard rates for different types of advertising media (billboards, online ads, newspaper inserts, commercials, etc.)

How much companies or agencies spend on a specific type of media. 

Find information about consumers' needs and preferences.

Find company and industry information including SWOTs and market forecasts. 

Find the number of subscriptions and reach of media outlets. 

Use the following resources to find data related to the social sciences and media research. 

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Find Media Kits

Many publications, newspapers, web sites, etc. offer a media kit that lists advertising rates and other relevant information about their audience, etc. In Google, try searching for the publication name and media kits. Ex. (People Magazine AND Media Kit) Another option would be to go directly to the publication web site and search for either the media kit or advertising rates.

Media Planning and Buying Calculators

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