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Save Money with the UT Libraries

Guide for both faculty and students to use resources already available to them to save on textbook and other course material expenses.

Audio and Video Resources

Audio and Video Collections

Audio visual materials are available for use through UT Libraries, as streaming media or as DVDs, CDs or other physical formats. They can be incorporated into classroom instruction or linked to on a course page.   

Link to a Video

Link to Catalog Listing

Articles & More allows you to search through all available databases to find videos that fit with your course material.

1. Search for streaming videos through the advanced search in Articles & More. Click Streaming Video in the Content Type box.

2. Click Preview, which will expand to offer a Permanent Link, which you can then use to copy and paste the URL into your course page.

Link to Video in Kanopy

1. Follow the search instructions above.

2. Click Available Online to open the video in Kanopy.

3. Click Share below the video and copy and paste the URL into your course page.

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