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Save Money with the UT Libraries

Guide for both faculty and students to use resources already available to them to save on textbook and other course material expenses.


Find course materials in the UT Libraries

Books and Articles:

Before you buy books or course packs for class, first check to see if you can get it for free through the UT Libraries.  Simply look up what you need using the search box on the Libraries home page.  We have millions of books, ebooks and articles.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Books, including textbooks:  If you choose to check out a book instead of buying it, keep in mind that other library users can request it from you and you'll have 10 days to return it.  We also don't have a large collection of textbooks.
  • EBooks:  We have access to a lot of ebooks from a lot of different publishers and vendors.  Some only allow 1 or 2 people to view them at a time or have limited ability to download them to your device or print.
  •  Articles:  We have free-to-you online access to a lot of articles that are in your course packs.  When you find one, download the pdf or email it to yourself. Don't just bookmark the link because that bookmarked link might not work later.


  •  Sometimes your professor will put course readings on reserve in a library, which means you can borrow it with your UT ID from the Check Out Desk.  Depending on what your professor decided, you can borrow reserves anywhere from 2 hours to 7 days.  Most libraries have stand up scanners so you can scan and send reserve readings to yourself.  To find reserves, look up your course or your professor's name in the Libraries Search Tool and limit to Course Reserves.Image of search box showing to click on the magnifying glass to get the option to limit to Course Reserves.

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Hardware and Software available at UT Libraries

Instead of purchasing software, hardware, or equipment for a class project, see if it is available at the UT Libraries.

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