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Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA)

Data Management & Sharing


Creating a Data Management Plan (DMP) for Qualitative Data

It is always a good idea to draft a data management plan prior to initiating work on a research project to ensure that you have the resources required to properly collect, store, process, and secure your data. If your project is grant funded, you may be be required to complete and submit a data management plan with your grant proposal. Fortunately, drafting a data management plan can be facilitated through use of an appropriate DMP template.

The DMPTool is designed to help researchers create ready-to-use data management plans tailored to specific disciplines and/or funding agencies. To get started with the DMPTool, following the instructions below.  
  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. On the right side of the DMPTool homepage, type in your email address and click Continue.
  3. It should automatically detect that you are affiliated with UT Austin and you should see a button labeled "Sign in with Institution (SSO)". Click this button to be redirected to the EID sign in site and complete the sign process.
  4. Access templates with wording specific to funders and to UT resources
Please visit the UT Libraries Research Data Services data management plan LibGuide page for additional information and links to helpful resources.

Publishing & Sharing Qual Data

Why share (or not)?
Sharing your qualitative research data results in many of the same benefits you enjoy from publicly sharing our any other type of research data you might produce including:
  • Receiving a DOI for your dataset that makes it easy for others to cite
  • Helps make your research reproducible and allows others to valid your findings
Ethics & De-identification
When sharing qualitative data it is important to ensure that personally identifiable information is removed and confidential information is redacted.
Preparing Data for Sharing
In addition to removing sensitive information prior to publishing, it is important to consider general qualitative data sharing best practices to ensure that your published dataset is properly curated. The Data Curation Network's Qualitative Data Primer is a great resource to consult for comprehensive information about preparing qualitative data for sharing.
When and where to share
There are certain data repositories that might be a particularly good fit for certain types of qualitative data, depending on the nature of the data you have produced. Some repositories you might consider include:

Tutorials & Guides

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