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DASE Public Sets and Artstor

How to Transfer Individual Public Sets from DASE to Artstor

To Save a Copy of Each of your Public Sets on DASE:

  • Open your Public/Shared set on DASE.
  • Next to the right of the Title Choose the list tab to get the thumbnail image and full metadata view.
  • Place your cursor anywhere on the document and right click to Save as....or Save Page as...
  • In File name type the name of your set and right below on the box that reads Save as type MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE Webpage, complete.
  • Choose the save location (Desktop, Documents, etc.) and click Save.
  • Go to your save location on your computer and you will see two folders - one with your web browser icon (Chrome, Firefox, etc) that contains your Public Set saved web page with your thumbnail images and the related metadata; and a second folder of jpeg files (limited by DASE to only 30 jpegs) listed in accession number order. 

At this point you can prioritize these saved Public Set web page/files folders. You can move the less crucial ones from your computer to safer, longer-term storage such as UT Box; and wait to recreate the sets on Artstor at a later date.  For others that you currently need, follow these steps using the web page saves. (For jpeg files see the box to the right.)

Recreating Your Public Sets on Artstor with your saved web pages of thumbnails and metadata:

  • ‚ÄčGo to Artstor and sign into (or create) your account.  You have to be signed in for these steps.
  • Open your saved Public Set web page, find the number you see in the accession number field for your first image and copy that number into the general search box on Artstor. You will see the same image as is in your Public Set pop up ( you might see other images that also have part of that same number in their metadata, but just ignore these.)
  • Click on that images to open.
  • Select the box at the upper right ADD TO GROUP and select ADD item underneath. (Your Public Sets will be called Groups on Artstor.)
  • The Add Item to Group box will appear. At the bottom choose Create new group.
  • Create New Group box will appear. Type your title for the group and click Create.
  • The image that you selected earlier will automatically save to this group you have just created.
  • Go back to your saved Public Set web page.
  • Copy the next accession number and paste it into the Artstor search box.
  • When the images appears, again open and choose Add Item to Group and Add item underneath.
  • Your group name will appear (and eventually other groups that you create).
  • Choose the correct group and click ADD.
  • Keep adding new accession numbers in this way and in the order given from the copy you made of your Public Set.  Do not worry if you forget an image. You can add, delete and change the order of images in your Artstor groups at any time.
  • Once you have finished adding all the images from your web page copy of your Public Set to your new Artstor Group, you can then find your Group(s) under the Browse tab and in the last selection called Groups.

Another way

Your saved jpegs file folders:

You can choose to work with the saved jpegs files folder instead if 1. the order of your images in the DASE Public Set does not matter (downloaded jpeg files sets rearrange in accession number order, not in image order); and 2. you have less than 30 images, the limit of DASE jpeg download capabilities. If this is the case, take the numbers in the downloaded file and start copying and pasting them into Artstor and creating a group, as outlined before. Since you do not have the thumbnail images for a guide, you can put the accession numbers in quotes in the Artstor search box to make image searching more precise. Then within the created Artstor Group you can rearrange the images in the order you wish. If you have more than 30 images in our Public Set, either use the saved web page folders, which have no download limit for thumbnail images and metadata; or do the divide your large Set into smaller sets, each of 30 or fewer images, so the jpeg files will completely download. Then copy and paste,


Your Artstor Groups

Once you have your Artstor Groups (formerly your DASE Public Sets), you can change a group's status from private to public, or edit or delete a group(s) by going to the Organize tab. You can create a URL for the Group to share that with your UT colleagues by going to the Share tab. For more information about these capabilities, please see Groups on Artstor:



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