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UGS 302: Fan Mail, Haters, and the Literary / Clement

Find Articles & Books

Find Scholarly Articles

Hold up. All of these interfaces look the same.

Yes! These scholarly databases are from the information services vendor EBSCO. Each database covers a difference discipline and includes different types of sources. (Some have only peer-reviewed journals, while others have books, journals, dissertations, newspapers, and other publications.)

 You can search them all at once by selecting the "Choose databases" above the search bar.

Using Library Catalog Search

Start searching with the big search box on the library homepage.

  • It searches most but not all the library's resources and will show results across six different categories: Articles & More, Books & Media, Journals, Databases, Research Guides, and the Library Website.

A more targeted place to search is at the link for Articles & More beneath the search bar.

  • We also encourage you to explore the other databases and journals we offer since Articles & More doesn't show results from all sources

On the left toolbar in Articles & More, check these boxes for credible & relevant results: 

  • Peer-Reviewed Journals

If you want to narrow even more, try these options to filter:

  • Resource Type
  • Subject
  • Creation Date

Keep an eye on the number of your search results. Start browsing when you feel you have a manageable number of results to skim through. 

Not all of our books are available online as ebooks. Here is how to limit your search to only books available online.

Remember that your keyword strategy will need to be broader because books cover broader topics than do articles.

These screenshots (you can open them in a new tab to enlarge) lead you from

Step 1:

Use the Books and Media link under the search bar on


Step 2:

On the next screen, enter your search terms.


Step 3:

oN the left side, you can limit to items available online


Step 4:

Under each result, there is a link Available Online. Click that.

Step 5:

every publisher link is differently named once you are in the full record

The HathiTrust is a large digital library bringing together materials from Google Books, the Internet Archive, libraries at HathiTrust partner institutions (including the UT Libraries), and other commercial digitization projects.

Much of their content is under copyright, but with physical library closures due the COVID-19 pandemic, the HathiTrust has opened copyrighted content that duplicates the print holdings of participating libraries. This means that you can access digital copies of much of the UT Libraries' print collections while our buildings are temporarily closed. Each copyrighted ebook is limited to one UT Austin user at a time. Ebooks are read-only and not downloadable. 

The process of "checking out" a HathiTrust copyrighted ebook is complicated. To aid in this process, please use this tutorial. If you have questions about using HathiTrust, please contact us through our Ask A Librarian services.

Step 1

Go through the Libraries' proxied link, below:

Step 2

Click on the yellow "Log In" button. 

Step 3

Choose "The University of Texas at Austin" from the drop-down menu of partner institutions. 

Image of drop-down menu listing names of participating intstitutions, required for login to database

Step 4

Log in with with your UT EID and password. Please note that this only applies to current UT Austin faculty, staff, and students.

Step 5

From the default search page, click on "Advanced catalog search," just below the search box. Screenshot of HathiTrust search home page

Step 6

Search for your desired text. We recommend using a Title and Author search in the Advanced Catalog Search. Screenshot of Advanced Catalog Search set to Title and Author

Step 7

Once you find your desired book in the search results, click on "Temporary access". 

Image of search results in Hathi Trust for the book "Sister Outside" with the link to Temporary Access circled

Step 8

You will then see a page with an orange banner indicating the book is available. Click the "Check Out" button to access the ebook. Image of banner indicating temporary access of ebook, with the "Check Out" button circled.

Step 9

You should now be able to read your selected book. Note the orange banner at the top of the e-reader with check out times and details. If you finish your book early, click the "Return Early" button and close your browser. This makes the book available to other UT Austin readers. Please remember that all ebooks are read-only and you cannot download them. 

**Note: If you are accessing a required course text through the HathiTrust, it is especially important that you "return" ebooks when you are done. This allows other students in the class to access them.**

Image of the top banner of the HathiTrust e-reader, with check out times and details, and the "Return Early" button to "return' the ebook.

What role does scholarship play as evidence?

An expert in their field - typically someone working in academia - will have devoted their careers to studying a somewhat narrow research area in order to create new knowledge.

Typically, they publish their analysis or findings in journal articles. Less often, after many articles, they will endeavor to write a book.

Use scholarship when you want to know about the data gathered and interpreted by experts in the field (primary research). Scholars will also make predictions or suggest next steps from their data so that the scholarly conversation continues and those who make policy, etc. can create change in our world.

Article Not Available Online?

In some cases, our online journal subscriptions do not provide access to specific articles. This issue is often due to the online subscription only covering a specific date range for the journal (e.g. 1992 to present). However, the article may be available online in another database.

If you don’t see a .pdf of the article you want, click Find it to find it in another database or in print in the Libraries.

If it is only in print in the Libraries or we don’t own the article, click Get scan to have the article emailed to you. This is a FREE service available to all current UT students, staff and faculty, with a 3-5 day turnaround time.

Link to Get a Scan Request form

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