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Zotero for Humanists

Installation & Account Creation

Install Zotero on Your Computer

1. Go to and click the big red download button:

Zotero homepage


2. Install both pieces of the Zotero system: the program AND the browser-compatible "connector."  (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)







Confirm Your Installation

1. Go to Amazon and select a book.

2. You should see a small icon of a book in your browser bar. This appearance and location of this "capture icon" depends on your browser. See images below. No "capture icon"? You probably did not install the browser connector correctly.  Go back to to install; close and re-open your browser. 





Create Your Zotero Account

1. Go back to and create your Zotero web account.  You will use this account to backup your Zotero Library and access your Library from any computer.

2. You will need to access the confirmation link sent to your email to finalize your account.

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