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Collaborate & Share

A Video Introduction to Groups

Making & Maintaining Groups

Types of Groups

Share and collaborate on a bibliography with colleagues:

  • Private Groups a private collaboration among members without a public presence on the Zotero website. Only users who are members of a Group are able to see the Group's site. Private Groups are not searchable through the Zotero group search.
  • Public (Closed Membership) Groups a closed-group environment with a public presence. This provides the group a method of sharing their bibliographies publically with other Zotero users, but joining the group remains invitation only.
  • Public (Open Membership) Groups are open to other Zotero users and anyone can join the group instantly. This setting offers the highest level of collaboration and transparency. Within this group, the administrator can hide portions of the group's public library from non-members.


Make a Group

There are two ways to make a group:

1. In Zotero Firefox add-on, click on New Group icon next to the New Collection icon in the top left corner.   

group image

2. On the Zotero Online Version Website, click on the Create New Group button located on the Groups tab page.


Types of Group Members

  • Group Owner: change group public/private status, control access by members, change group settings, and delete/transfer ownership of a group
  • Administrator: change group public/private status, control access by members, and change group settings
  • Members: edit group library according to access level determined by administrator or group owner

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