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E 314V / AFR 315: African American Literature & Culture, Annie Bares

Search Tools & Databases

Library Search Tools and Databases

The UT Libraries provide access to a number of helpful search tools useful for this class. If you have questions about how to use these tools, please contact Gina or use our Ask A Librarian chat service

Unsure what we mean by "library database"? See the helpful video at the bottom of the page!

Background Information

Looking for something like Wikipedia but scholarly and appropriate for an academic assignment? Try these vetted, edited collections of scholarly encyclopedias, biographies, dictionaries, and bibliographies.

Scholarly Articles & Books

What is a Library Database?

Your instructor or subject librarian may throw around the term "library database" a lot, but what exactly do they mean? This video from RMIT University in Australia explains the term and how you can use databases for research. (Plus, the narrator has a great accent!)

Transcript available through YouTube.

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