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UTEP, Bhutan and Tibet

Getting Started

Getting Started

This guide is NOT comprehensive.  It is a list of resources to help think through how one might create an exhibition with White's 1914 article as the starting point.  For example:

  • What was happening in the world 1914?
  • What did the world know about Bhutan in 1914?  How did they know it?

Then, as we think about the impact of White's article, particularly on Mrs. Worrell and UT El Paso, 

  • What was happening in Texas in 1914 and subsequent years?
  • What did Texas know about Bhutan in the early part of the 20th Century? How did they know it?

Finally, history is always part of the present.

  • What do we know now about Bhutan?  How do we know it?


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