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UGS 302: Visionary Women / Beck

Criticism and Analysis of a poet's work

What scholars say about your author's work

Literary Criticism is the evaluation, analysis and interpretation of works by scholars. It is published in journals devoted to the study of literature. These scholars typically work at universities in addition to researching and publishing.


Advanced searching

  • Divide your topic in a multi line search.
    • One line should be devoted to your main idea, such as 'Emily Bronte'
    • Your second line should be devoted to a narrowing aspect: something you want to investigate. In this case, issues of money and class.
    • Do you have other narrowing aspects to investigate? Add a line
  • While I am asking for the database to search all of the terms in the second line, I am dividing them with the word OR. This means at least one of the terms needs to be in my results, but not all. Makes for a more flexible search.
  • Anytime I include an asterisk in a word, the database will look for alternate spellings or endings (wealth* = wealth, wealthy, wealthier/est)
  • Many databases allow you to limit on your results page by date, by peer review status, by resource type and more.

jstor advanced search emily bronte and class or wealth* or privilege or money

jstor advanced search emily bronte and class or wealth* or privilege or money

Search "everything"

We do not have a comprehensive search engine for our collections (not even Google Scholar is one), but this does an ok job.

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