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UGS 302 Disability Advocacy (Toste)

Liaison Librarians

Who Are Liaison Librarians?

Liaison librarians are librarians who work closely with one or more departments at UT. They assist with research, teach classes, and order the resources their faculty members need to conduct their research. Many liaison librarians have both a masters' in library studies AND an academic background in the subject with which they work.

While the liaison librarians mostly work with grad students and faculty members, they can also work with advanced undergraduates who are working on a project in their field. There are two ways to work with a liaison librarians.

  • Option One: Check out the research guides they have created in your subject.
  • Option Two: Reach out through email to the liaison librarian who works with your subject and set up an appointment with them. You can find out which librarian works with your subject/department here

Some liaison librarians have their offices in PCL. Others are located in the branch library aligned with their departments. A few have multiple offices across campus. 

Don't know whether or not your research project would benefit from talking with a liaison librarian? Contact Annah at

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