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UGS 302: Social Movement Organization / Wright

How to find scholarly articles

Find the scholarly conversation

How to use an advanced search (and why)

An advanced search builds into the multi-lines the intention of narrowing, of refining. Each line is a narrower aspect of your topic. You can also brainstorm alternate terms to cast a wider net. The screenshot below has a strategy that would work in any advanced search.

OR broadens your search by searching multiple related terms at once

AND narrows your search by allowing you to add lines of narrower aspects

OPEN this image in a new tab to see larger.( black panthers or Organization of Afro-American or black power Unity ) AND ( prison or incaceration or criminal justice )

Note that the advanced search for our all in one tool on the main library homepage is more finicky (kinda behaves like google). Put phrases in quotation marks and capitalize your ORs.

put phrases in quotation marks and capitalize OR

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