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Visualizing Data with Tableau

Visualizing Data with Tableau

Allyssa Guzman, Digital Scholarship Librarian and Krystal Wyatt-Baxter, Head of Assessment, UT Libraries

March 2, 2018

3-4:30pm (hands on*)

Do you have data that you’re not sure how to use? Creating visualizations is a good way to ask questions of your data and to share your data with others. Visualizations can include everything from a simple chart to an interactive map and can be a powerful way to tell a story about your data. In this introductory workshop, we’ll examine what makes a good visualization and then use Tableau to create a visualization.  

Tableau Public is a free version of a popular data visualization tool for large and small data sets. Tableau can help you make interactive visualizations to bring your data to life and discover new insights. We’ll show you what Tableau can do and how to get started with your own dashboards in this hands-on workshop. No prior knowledge necessary.

*Laptops available on request, with Tableau Public pre-installed. If you wish to install it on your own laptop, please do so from here: 

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