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Data & Donutsis a workshop series organized each semester by UT Libraries Research Data Services. Instructors from UT Libraries and partners from across campus share expert advice, resources, and tools that will help you take good care of your data throughout its lifecycle, from project conception to the long-term archive. If you would like to be receive occasional emails about Data & Donuts workshops and other Research Data Services events, please visit to subscribe to the UT Libraries Research Data Services email list.

donut graphicWorkshops on select Fridays at 12pm via Zoom*
*see individual Zoom links for each workshop below

Please consider attending the upcoming workshops below. If you are interested in presentation slides, Zoom recordings, and other materials from past events you can access these resources at
Spring 2022
Recipes for Successful Research Data Management
Instructor: Katherine Strickland
& Michael Shensky
Date: 1/28/2022 (Fri.)
Time: 12:00 - 1:15p.m.
Location: Zoom (Virtual Workshop)
Downloads: Workshop Slides
Zoom Recording
This workshop will provide you with hands-on opportunities to apply effective data management practices as we explore the parallels between research and cooking. Together, we will look at similarities including the importance of quality inputs, the necessity of carefully documenting workflows, and other factors critical to success.
Introduction to Tableau
Instructor: Andrea Cato
Date: 2/11/2022 (Fri.)
Time: 12:00 - 1:15p.m.
Location: Zoom (Virtual Workshop)
Downloads: Zoom Recording
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Tableau is a data visualization tool built around the philosophy that users should be able to build useful, beautiful charts quickly and easily. In this workshop we will cover how to connect to data, build several chart types, and publish dashboards to share. Before this session, please request and install a free student license for Tableau Desktop or download and install Tableau Public.
GIS and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Data
Instructor: Michael Shensky
Date: 2/18/2022 (Fri.)
Time: 12:00 - 1:15p.m.
Location: Zoom (Virtual Workshop)
Downloads: Workshop Slides
Zoom Recording
High resolution digital elevation model (DEM) data can now be found online for many areas of the world. GIS software and Python can be used to visualize elevation data in both 2D and 3D, and to analyze digital elevation models in a variety of different ways that are of relevance to researchers in many different fields. Attend this workshop to learn about how you can make use of DEM data in your work.
Spreadsheets and OpenRefine
Instructor: Hannah Chapman Tripp
& Meryl Brodsky
Date: 2/25/2022 (Fri.)
Time: 12:00 - 1:30p.m.
Location: Zoom (Virtual Workshop)
Downloads: Workshop Slides
Zoom Recording
During this extended 90 minute interactive workshop, participants will learn best practices for working with spreadsheet data. After a brief presentation, the instructors will guide participants in cleaning a pre-provided dataset using the open-source tool OpenRefine. Topics covered in OpenRefine will include: sorting and filtering, saving scripts, and exporting the final cleaned data file. We ask that registrants download OpenRefine 3.5.1 and make sure they can open it prior to attending the workshop. Please contact Meryl Brodsky or Hannah Chapman Tripp if you are experiencing difficulty downloading or opening the software.
Data Ethics in the Era of Social Justice
Instructor: Meryl Brodsky
Date: 3/4/2022 (Fri.)
Time: 12:00 - 1:15p.m.
Location: Zoom (Virtual Workshop)
Downloads: Presentation Slides
In this discussion-focused session, we will consider who the data belongs to when researchers generate data, how the data collection process works and who is impacted, what happens to the data post data collection, who is responsible for maintaining/stewarding the data, and who corrects data when errors are uncovered.

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