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Finding Full-Text from Google Scholar

Try These Steps

If you like using Google Scholar to search, use these steps to make sure you are getting the full-text articles. 

  1. Try using the Google Scholar search linked from the UT Libraries homepage. This will link your results to the library holdings automatically (you'll see a link that says Find It @ UT next to any library-held articles). 
  2. If you've already found an article you'd like to read, try copying and pasting the article title into the orange box on the homepage (link above). Example:

    Festing, M., & Schäfer, L. (2014). Generational challenges to talent management: A framework for talent retention based on the psychological-contract perspective. Journal of World Business, 49(2), 262-271.

  3. If you still don't see a PDF or link that says Available Online, then you can request the PDF through interlibrary loan. Just login and fill out the form, we will send you a free PDF of the article.

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