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Art and Art History

Find Art & Art History Books

Finding Books on Art & Art History at UT

The Fine Arts Library and other UT Libraries have thousands and thousands of books on all conceivable topics in their collections. You can perform author and/or title searches in The Library Catalog. You can also search by subject headings and keywords.

Find Books in the Fine Arts Library

Art-General (N)

Architecture (NA)

Sculpture (NB)

Drawing (NC)

Commercial Art (NC 997)

Painting (ND)

Prints, Graphic Arts (NE)     

Decorative Arts (NK)

Design History (NK 1100 - NK 1400)

Furniture (NK 1900 - NK 2750)

Art Theory (NX)

Printing (Z 116 - Z 265)

Photography (TR)

Industrial Design (TS)

Typography/Typesetting (Z 250 - Z251)




Interlibrary Services for those books not at UT

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