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Visual Resources Collection, Fine Arts Library

Visual Resources Collection


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The Visual Resources Collection in the Fine Arts Library consists of two important collections of images of art, architecture and design: an archival collection of some 550,000 slides, now housed at the Collections Deposit Library on the south side of campus, and a collection of over 100,000 digital images which are available for viewing by all UT Austin faculty, students and staff on DASE (Digital Archive Services), one of the University’s digital repository sites and also on ArtSTOR.  The Visual Resources Collection (VRC) also oversees the uploading into DASE of digital images of objects from the Blanton Museum and from other Collections here at the University such as the John L. Warfield Center for African and African American Art, the Art and Art History Collection, Landmarks, the Visual Arts Center, as well as art works by UT’s own Art Faculty.  

Since its formation in the 1940s, the Visual Resources Collection has met the visual needs of faculty, students and staff at UT Austin.  Today the purpose of the VRC Digital Collection is to provide a growing number of high-resolution images with searchable, accurate metadata to be used for current classes and research, as well as to ensure that the Collection will be available for future scholars' endeavors.


Mark DorobaLibrary Specialist

Tina Tran, Visual Arts Liaison Librarian

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