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UGS 303: News Literacy: A Citizen's Guide / Reese

Find an informational / factual article from a popular source

Popular sources

When we say popular, we simply mean a source that is written for a general, non-expert crowd. Newspapers and magazines are written for a general audience.

The New York Times

The New York Times offers incomparable coverage of national and international news.

As a UT student, you have free unlimited access to the New York Times at This includes Cooking, Games and the Athletic. Your access to nyt is directly through the site and the app, not through our databases, which makes the reading experience easier and more enjoyable.

You may download the nyt app to your phone and access the full subscription.

Being an informed citizen makes doing research in every subject easier, makes you a better communicator and a more empathetic human.

Use this guide to set up your account.

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