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UGS 303: News Literacy: A Citizen's Guide / Reese

Find an opinion / viewpoint from a popular source

How do I find viewpoints?

Viewpoints (or opinions or editorials) appear mostly in magazines or as columns in newspapers (mostly in the op-ed section). 

The Editorial Board of a newspaper writes editorials.

Columnists: newspapers hire staff to write editorials. They are separate from the reporters on staff.

Contributors are guests to the paper. They submit, or are asked to submit by the editors, an opinion piece for publication. 

the opinion section has many subsections - each contains different types of editorials.

when searching for opeds, pay attention to author bios and do additional searching

Liberal and Conservative Publications

Click on a title and choose a database to search the full text of that magazine for your topic.

Liberal           Conservative
American Prospect    American Conservative
Dissent American Enterprise
In These Times American Spectator
Mother Jones Commentary
The Nation Human Events
The Progressive National Review
Tikkun Policy Review
Village Voice Weekly Standard
Washington Monthly World

Note: This is a partial list of popular magazines. Other publications not included on this list may have a strong political viewpoint or bias.

Databases that have op-ed search limiters

click All Nexis Uni and select News form drop down menu. You'll have more options there.

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