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UGS 302: The Development of Moral Action / Repp

Brainstorming keywords to discover scholarship

How to search and explore databases

There are very few ways to get to scholarship because it costs so much money. It lives in the deep web.

Academic Search Complete (link below):

search a broad topic such as morals and bullying and teenagers

Why did I separate my keywords on separate lines?

This is a really difficult concept to explain and many people think it's overly fussy.

Separating the keywords allows you to be very clear about what you want. The database will not search phrases when you separate the keywords. It also allows you to be flexible if there are other words you could use:

on the second line, I changed it to teenagers or adolescents or young adults. On the third line, Bullying or teasing

Now the database will search EITHER word separated by OR (EITHER bullying OR teasing appears in the results). 

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