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Global Virtual Exchange Faculty Workshop

Plagiarism and International Students

How to talk about plagiarism

As you know, plagiarism is ubiquitous. Whether there is a difference between how US students and international students define or perceive plagiarism is far from clear in the literature. It is, however, worth discussing and coming to agreement about the definitions and policies regarding academic honesty with your international partners.

The UT Libraries offers the following to support you in teaching these concepts:

All About Plagiarism Tutorial
An interactive tutorial to teach students what plagiarism is and strategies to avoid it, including paraphrasing, note taking and quoting sources. See the Instructor Tools tab to learn how to embed it in your course page and assign it through Canvas.

You can also work with the University Writing Center. They offer presentations to support students to avoid plagiarism in their writing.

For your Global Virtual Exchange, email Amber or Elise to design plagiarism-proof assignments and work with you on strategies to support students in this area.

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