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Artists' Books at the Fine Arts Library

A guide to finding artists' books at the Fine Arts Library

Finding Artists' Books

Where Can I Find Artists' Books At The FAL?

Artists' books and books about artists' books are located on the fifth floor in Special Collections and in the open stacks. Check the If you would like to see any books in Special Collections, please ask at the Circulation desk.


To find artists’ books and books about artists’ books in the catalog, try using the Keyword search or the Subject Headings search. To see the books available at FAL, limit the location to “Fine Arts Library”.



South Beach / Mark Goodman

Browsing On The Fifth Floor

Artists’ books located in the Stacks will be on the fifth floor and have a call number that starts with the following: N.7433.4. The visual stacks guide will also help you find artists' books and related works.

Search Strategies

There are a few ways to search for artists' books in the catalog: using a Keyword search or using a Subject Headings search. Here are a few to get you started: 


Sample Keywords:


artists' books


book art


livres d'artistes


artists' publications


independent publications          

Sample Subject Headings:


Artists' books--United States. 


Artists' books--21st Century.


Artists' books--Specimens. 


Artists' books--California.


Artists' books--Exhibitions. 


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