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SDS 328M - Biostatistics

A research guide for SDS 328M - Biostatistics.

Locating Datasets


The Locating Datasets resource page is a start to finding and reusing data for your SDS 328M-Biostatistics research assignment. If you do not see a data repository that relates to your research topic, contact the librarian listed on this page for assistance.


Warning: the data used for this project must be individual-level observations, not aggregated data (i.e. frequency counts or other grouped summary statistics).  Many online articles and other sources only provide aggregated tables and not the individual-level data used to create those tables.  Think about what your sampling units are (what does a row in your data represent?) and be sure that the variables you will be analyzing are measured at the individual sampling unit level.

- Dr. Sally Ragsdale


Biological & Environmental Datasets

Biomedical Datasets

Health Science Datasets

Additional Data Sources

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