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Textiles & Apparel - Retired

Find Textiles & Apparel Books

Searching for Books

As Textiles and Apparel students, your research will likely require books on a range of subjects. The library catalog searches across collections at all of the different library locations.  The UT Libraries have print and electronic books for your use. You can search in the library catalog for both types of books. 

Ways to search: 


Keyword – If you have a topic or research interest in mind, you can search for the main terms or keywords to see the scope of what is in our collection. Here's some keyword examples:


  • Fabric

  • Costumes

  • Textile history


Author – Search by author's name (last name, first name) to see all of the works we have published by a specific individual. 


Title – If you already know the name of a book, this is a quick way to check if the library has a copy. 


Subject – Searching by subject allows you to retrieve all of the items in the catalog that contain a certain subject heading or "tag" 

  • Textile Industry 

  • Clothing and Dress


Interlibrary Loan

If we don't have a title you need, don't hesitate to use our Interlibrary Loan service. It's free for current students, faculty, and staff to request materials from affiliated libraries. Please allow 5+ days for physical materials to arrive and about 24-48 hours for articles. 

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