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UGS 302 - Engineering Biology - Alper

Class Exercise

Class Exercise

Take some time to look at the following examples of articles on tissue engineering. You'll want to scan each article and answer the following questions. Take some notes on each article. We will re-convene as a group to discuss your thoughts about each example. 

  • Title of the source
  • What is the background and expertise of the person/people who wrote this source?
  • Why was this source created?
  • What is the audience for this source?
  • Is this source helpful if you were researching this topic?  Why or why not? 
  • What type of source is this?  Is it a scholarly source or popular source?

Group 1: Tissue Engineering: How to Build a Heart -    Worksheet

Group 2Changes in Gene Expression During the Formation of Bioengineered Heart Muscle -   Worksheet

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