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Find Viewpoints

Find Viewpoints

Doing research on the Web or in databases can be exhausting. That's usually because you don't know enough about your topic to craft an effective keyword strategy. 

Do you know the answers to these questions about your topic?

  • What are other ways people talk about my topic? What are related terms? 
  • What are people arguing about? 
  • Who cares about this topic?

Probably not! That means you need to do more research (see Choosing and Developing a topic page). What you learn about your topic will allow you to search more flexibly. 

If my topic is mental health on campus, here's what I learned so I can search more effectively:

  • What are other ways people talk about my topic? What are related terms? (depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, suicide, addiction)
  • What are people arguing about? (funding for mental health services,social support, counseling, therapy)
  • Who cares about this topic? (university administrators, professors, parents, students)

Try searching here:

Use these screenshots to search Nexis Uni, a database that includes major newspapers and magazines

Step 1: First, enter keywords in the search box, then click on "All Nexix Uni"

search Nexis Uni

Step 2: Choose content type " News", and check " Editorials & Opinions" to limit to viewpoints

Step 3: On result page, more limiters can be applied to reduce the number of results retrieved.

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