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E 303: Plan II World Literatures, Pat Garcia

2. Library Databases & Search Tools

1. Background Information

Find summaries, short articles, and descriptions on scholarly topics from vetted encyclopedias and dictionaries. Think "scholarly Wikipedia" (and unlike Wikipedia, you can cite these in an academic paper).

2. Find Scholarly Criticism (Books & Journal Articles)

Literary criticism is the scholarly evaluation, explanation, and analysis of literature. It can be written at any time, even centuries after the publication of the literature it critiques. Literary criticism is often found in scholarly journals or books. Not sure what we mean by "scholarly"? See some explanation on this page

3. Find Interviews

For interviews with writers, try these databases with newspapers and magazines. 
Hint: Try using the word "interview" as one of your search keywords, along with the author's name. Some these databases have an option in Advanced Search to limit to interviews. If you have questions, ask Gina!

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