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Marine Science Graduate Dissertation Seminars

Graduate Dissertation Seminar, 2012

"The Role of Protozoan Grazers in Harmful Algal Bloom Dynamics: Tools for Community and Grazing Analyses"

Jena Renee Campbell, Ph.D.

Academic Science Instructor, Biology, Texas State Technical College, Harlingen, TX

December 2012
Supervisor: Edward J. Buskey

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"River Plume Effects on Larval Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) Survival and Predation in the Western Basin of Lake Erie"

Lucia Beatriz Carreόn Martinez, Ph.D.

University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Supervisor: Nicholas Collins

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* Non UT students who did all or part of their research at the Marine Science Institute

"Ocean Biogeochemistry in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, the East/Japan Sea, and the South Pacific with a Focus on Denitrification"

Il Nam Kim, Ph.D.

May 2012
Supervisor: Dong-Ha Min

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