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Rhetoric 306/309

Find Sources

Find Sources

Many library databases provide well organized and high selective coverage of scholarly journal articles.

Try the following databases:

Search Tips

Opinions, editorials and viewpoint articles can be found in multidisciplinary databases, newspapers, magazines and on the web.

Try these:

Search Tips

  • When searching newspaper sites and databases, check for an option to limit your search to the Opinion/Editorial section. 
  • If there is no limiting option, try adding the word "editorial" to your search terms (See How to search Editorial or Opinion using Nexis Uni).

  • Data is the raw information from which statistics are created. It usually comes in the form of a digital data set that can be analyzed using software such as Excel.
  • Statistics provide an interpretation and summary of data.They usually come in the form of a table or chart.  
  • The largest collector of data and statistics and the largest funding source for the collection of data and stats is the US Government.

What appears below is a start and should be used to inspire you to search for datasets/statistics relevant to your topic. Please ask a librarian if you need search help.

Scholarly or Popular?

  • Scholarly articles are written by researchers or experts in a particular field. They use specialized vocabulary, have extensive citations, and are often peer-reviewed.
  • Popular magazine articles are typically written by journalists to entertain or inform a general audience,

Viewpoint or Informational?

Distinguishing between facts/information and viewpoints/opinions is a skill. Keep the following in mind:

  • A journalist observes, gathers, assesses and presents news and information. They are also called reporters. Journalists are trained to be fair and impartial - they keep their opinions out of the story.
  • A columnist or a critic works to persuade to convince you of a viewpoint based upon their expertise or experience. 

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