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Copyright Clearance Center - for UT employees and students

About UT's Annual Institutional License

About the UT License

The University of Texas has negotiated the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) annual license for all UT system schools. The annual license allows us to share copyrighted works within the UT System, without needing to request additional permissions from copyright holders or consider fair use. Please see FAQs about Annual License for more information about what types of uses and materials are covered by our CCC license.

The license applies to all employees, contractors, and students of University of Texas System schools. Institutions affiliated with UT are included in the license if the institution is part of the educational or research functions of the university.

Copyright Clearance Center

The Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is a collective licensing service. That means they work with rightsholders to manage permissions on the rightsholders' behalf, and the CCC takes a commission on licensing agreements they facilitate. The CCC offers both transactional licenses (for a single use) and institutional annual licenses that cover many institutional use cases.

The goal with collective licensing organizations like this is to have one place to go to negotiate your permissions, rather than tracking down rightsholders and negotiating permission individually. This streamlines what could be a complicated permission process. On the other hand, that convenience means organizations like CCC have a lot of control over the permissions market which could limit choices for users. 

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 Generic License.