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Physical & Thermodynamic Properties

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This is just a small descriptive selection of some of the significant data compilation efforts that appeared in print over many decades. 

  • Critical data of pure substances. (QD 511.8 S555 1986)
  • Heats of mixing data collection. (TP 156 M5 H43 1984)
  • Recommended data of selected compounds and binary mixtures. (QD 526 S74 1987)
  • Liquid-liquid equilibrium data collection. (QD 503 S67)
  • Vapor-liquid equilibrium for mixtures of low boiling substances. (QD 503 V36 1982)
  • Solid-liquid equilibrium data collection. (QD 503 K55 1987)
  • Activity coefficients at infinite dilution. (QD 541 A28 1986)
  • Thermal conductivity and viscosity data of fluid mixtures. (QC 145.4 T5 S74 1988)
  • Phase equilibria and phase diagrams of electrolytes. (QD 565 E64 1990)
  • Electrolyte data collection. (QD 565 B35 1993)
  • Polymer solution data collection. (QD 381.9 S65 H36 1992)
  • Solubility and related properties of large complex chemicals. (QD 543 M385 2003)

Do people really still look stuff up in handbooks?

Honestly, not so much anymore.  But don't dismiss the option.  Much of the data published in older hardcopy handbooks and compilations doesn't exist digitally anywhere.  But a thorough search for data needs to include them.  How?  We have a tool for you. 

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