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E 314: Literature and Film, Laura Gauggel

Access Into the Woods Ebook

Access Into the Woods Ebook

The library copy of the Into the Woods play script is available through our temporary access to the HathiTrust digital library. This ebook is limited to one UT Austin user at a time. It is read-only and not downloadable. Budget your time when using the script so your classmates can also access it.

The process of "checking out" a HathiTrust ebook is complicated. To aid in this process, please use this tutorial. If you have questions about using HathiTrust, please contact Gina Bastone, the English Librarian:


Step 1

Start with the UT library catalog record for the Into the Woods script.

Step 2

Click on the link "Full text may be available at HathiTrust"

Step 3

Log in with with your UT EID and password. Then complete the two-factor authentication through Duo.

Campus IT can assist you with Duo two-factor authentication, if needed. 

Step 4

After you successfully log in to HathiTrust, you will see a record with citation information about the script. Scroll down the section called "Viewability" and click on the link "Temporary access". 

Step 5

You will then see a page with an orange banner indicating the book is available. Click the "Check Out" button to access the ebook. Image of banner indicating temporary access of ebook, with the "Check Out" button circled.

Step 6

You should now be able to read your selected book. Note the orange banner at the top of the e-reader with check out times and details. Please remember that this ebook is read-only and you cannot download it.

If your internet connection is slow or unreliable, you can switch to the text-only mode by clicking on the "Go to text-only view of this item" link in the left side menu. 

Step 7

When you are finished reading the script, click the "Return Early" button and close your browser. This makes the book available to your classmates and other UT Austin readers. 

Image of the top banner of the HathiTrust e-reader, with check out times and details, and the "Return Early" button to "return' the ebook.


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