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Janelle Hedstrom

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Janelle Hedstrom
Pronouns: she/her
Janelle serves as the liaison to the Departments of Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Leadership & Policy, and Special Education, and she manages the library’s Youth Collection and K-12 Textbook & Curriculum Collection. She offers research support for faculty and students who are working on education-related topics and can also provide guidance about academic publishing, research data management, scholarly impact metrics and strategies for making your work more open and discoverable. Feel free to contract her with your questions!

My Guides

Education Research
Last update: Apr 3, 2024 1798 views
Last update: Apr 3, 2024 1583 views
Last update: Feb 17, 2024 812 views
K-12 Textbooks
Last update: May 9, 2019 350 views
Marine Science
Last update: Jun 6, 2024 96 views
Last update: Mar 1, 2024 14 views
Last update: Mar 1, 2024 154 views
Last update: Mar 1, 2024 30 views
Last update: Oct 19, 2023 76 views
Science Communication
Last update: Oct 19, 2023 126 views
Last update: Oct 25, 2023 138 views
Tests & Measures
Last update: Aug 22, 2023 157 views
Youth Literature
Last update: Apr 8, 2024 723 views

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