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UGS 302 - Digital Media Technology and Learning - Liu



Welcome to the UT Libraries

This short video will introduce you to many of the services and materials the Libraries provide to UT students. 

Class 2

Imagine your topic is on tablet computers in the classroom.

Do the following...

Alone, take about 3 minutes to familiarize yourself with your articles:

  • Article 1 has a PDF link to the full article
  • See what information you can glean from the page you land on. If there is an abstract, tak a look at that.
  • Look at the sections of the article, maybe read a bit there too
  • You won't be able to read the whole thing, that is okay!

With your table, take about 8 minutes to: 

  • decide if you would cite (use) your articles for an assignment - you can Google things about the article if you need to.
  • If not, is there another way you would use the article?
  • come up with at least 4-5 criteria you use to help make that decision, including what type of article you think yours is.
  • Decide which one of you will report out about your criteria. 


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