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UGS 302: Art & The Epidemic / Simons


What is this guide for?

As part of your research assignment for this course, you need to choose a topic and then complete an annotated bibliography consisting of 5-8 sources, of which at least 2 must be scholarly, peer-reviewed publications.  The annotated bibliography should include a citation for each source in MLA format.

Use the pages at left to help you through this.

Research is difficult. It can be frustrating and isolating. Do not suffer in silence. Contact me for guidance.


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Elise Nacca
Perry-CastaƱeda (Main) Library (PCL)

Ask me what I'm reading / listening to

Poetry: Kidnap poem / Nikki Giovanni

Fiction: Lady into Fox / R.A. Garnett

Teaching & Research: Underground Asia : global revolutionaries and the assault on Empire / Tim Harper

Music: Et moi, et moi, et moi / Jacques Dutronc

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