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UGS 303: The Beatles and Beyond / Slawek


What is this guide for?

You have a couple projects for which you need to do research.

This might be the first time you're doing research here at UT and it's my job to help you to become a college researcher.

Email me for an email consult, or schedule an appointment to talk with me one on one via zoom.

The widgets ont his guide for ask a librarian are for our chat service, available until 7pm Sunday through Thursday, shorter hours on Friday.

This 30 minute video walks you through developing a topic, finding and using primary and scholarly sources and how to get help.

If this video isn't helping you with your particular research, you should contact me! I'm here and totally happy to talk about the Beatles for a bit.


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Elise Nacca
Perry-CastaƱeda (Main) Library (PCL)

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