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Youth Substance Misuse

for the Pop-Up Institute, "Towards Solving the Problem of Substance Misuse and Addiction among Youth and Emerging Adults,"

Pop Up Institute Introduction

Hank Edwards Fine Art


The Youth Substance Misuse and Addiction Pop-Up Institute will launch a diverse network of UT and renowned scholars, agencies/organizations who focus on youth substance misuse, research, intervention, and recovery initiatives. As such, the group is positioned to make substantial contributions to research and practice in multiple settings, to examine the impact of addiction as it undermines the health of young people on and off campus, their families, the community, the state, and the nation. The group will also focus its energy on making sure that the work creates the best possible impact on UT students, both as participants and recipients of the innovations that grow from the Institute. Undergraduate Studies (UGS) will participate to integrate drug/alcohol wellness components to UT programming.

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