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Communication Studies


How To Use This Guide

Hello, and welcome to the University of Texas Libraries' Communication Studies Research Guide! The purpose of this guide is to help you navigate through the many print and electronic communication studies related resources available to you through the University of Texas Libraries system and beyond. 

In this research guide for communication studies, you will learn how to find:

  • Background information, including information on theories, methodologies, biographies, and professional organizations. 
  • Journals and peer-reviewed articles. 
  • News and magazine articles. 
  • Speeches, both from real life events and movies.
  • Demographics, statistics, and polls/surveys.
  • Advertisements and commercials. 
  • Writing help. 

Can't I Just Google It?

                                                                Video via NEIU Ronald Williams Library. 

Book Browsing

Browse books related to communication studies with call numbers:

BV 653-657 - Floor 3 Section H Mass media and telecommunication in religion
H 61.8-61.9 - Floor 4 Section K Communication of information. Computer networks
HD 30.3 -  Floor 4 Section N Organizational communication. Internet
HF 5717-5734 -  Floor 4 Section Q,R Business communications
HM 1206-1220 -  Floor 4 Section S Communication. Mass media
HM 1221-1226 - Floor 4 Section S Public relations. Publicity
HM 1231 -  Floor 4 Section S Propaganda
HM 1236 - Floor 4 Section S Public opinion
JA 85 - Floor 5 Section L Communication in politics
Q 223-299 - Floor 6 Section M Communication in science. Scientific literature


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