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UGS 302: Self Care and OTC Products - Acosta


Welcome to the UT Libraries

This short video will introduce you to many of the services and materials the Libraries provide to UT students. 

In-Class Activities

Class 1 

To do on your own: Open your article and read through it for a few minutes. Identify and open at least one study they discuss in the article. Read part of the study, concentrate especially on understanding the abstract and conclusion sections (if they are marked) and see if you can find the methods of the study (what the writers did). We'll take about 10 minutes for this.

To do with your group: Work together to answer the following questions.

  1. You looked at the article I gave you and found a study. What's the difference between these two sources of information? Are they created differently? Do they have a different purpose? What other characteristics do you notice that differentiates these articles?
  2. What questions do you ask yourself when deciding if an article is credible (trustworthy) or not? After asking yourself these questions, do you think these articles are credible sources of information?
  3. Which of the articles you looked at was written first? Why does that matter?
  4. Did you notice any discrepancies between the two articles?

Class 2 

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