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UGS 302: Fashion, Beauty & Culture / Reed


What we will cover today

For your assignment, you need to select a topic and you need to find one peer-reviewed, scholarly article to write an abstract for. 

Your assignment has suggestions for topics:

  • Preschool boys (or girls) and self-concept or self-esteem in connection to appearance/clothing
  • Clothing (and/or appearance) and social class or socioeconomic status  (limit to an age perhaps)
  • Gender identity and clothing/appearance. Limit to preschool age or through elementary age to narrow search even further
  • Topics relating to body image of children
  • Topics relating to body dissatisfaction or body image in general and appearance/clothing
  • “Sexualization” of young girls’ or adolescents’ clothing/appearance
  • Skirt lengths (or other silhouette aspects) and relationships to economy (stock markets, GNP, or other indices)
  • Effects of advertising, television, social media, etc. on images of women, or vice versa
  • Perception of people depending upon their hairstyles/eyewear/clothing/beauty/posture/walk/weight/shoes/suits vs. casual wear/height/grooming, etc.
  • Barbie or other toys in connection to body image or feelings of worth
  • Cosmetics or natural coloring and perception of individuals
  • Personality traits connected to clothing choices

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