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LAH/HMN350: Giving Voice to Hidden Histories / Lang

Choosing a collection to research

Why are you limited to these collections?

When collections are acquired, copyright restrictions may be written into the donor agreements. In planning this assignment, we worked with the archivists and librarians who oversee these collections to identify artifacts that you *should* be able to reproduce in your public-facing digital exhibits. As you'll learn later on, copyright law is not watertight. 

These collections were chosen because they represent voices to which you can bring meaningful awareness. They are not always extensively researched (or researched at all, in some cases) by others. You will be creating new knowledge of which others will become aware in your exhibit, so that they can build upon the conversations you've started.  

How do I choose one?

The collections are arranged by location, but read through them and decide what resonates with you. Many collections are very large, others are smaller. Because your assignment does not ask you to do a comprehensive analysis of the collection, use the finding aids linked to engage with small portions of the collection. Think of your work as a jumping off point for further research for you, or for someone else.

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