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LAH/HMN350: Giving Voice to Hidden Histories / Lang

Do you need research help?

Subject experts and archivists

You are welcome to ask Natalia and Elise any research questions you have. We may refer you to subject experts or we may identify an archivist.  Our librarians and archivists have subject expertise and have researched, and helped scholars research, within the topics and fields you are studying. 

What would you ask a librarian or archivist?

Those who manage our collections have deep knowledge of the collections we have as well as the subjects covered in those collections. 

Talk to us about:

  • Previous research: What has been published about this topic? What are good starting points for research?
  • Evaluating information: Talk through the perspectives you are seeing and how to contextualize them and consider bias.
  • Ethics: What should you consider when contextualizing these artifacts? Are there copyright or privacy concerns?

Special note: What is an accession record? An accession record is:

"A form or log that summarizes standard information about the process of transferring materials to a repository. - 2. A case file containing all materials associated with the legal and physical transfer of records or other materials to a repository."

Typically, accession records are not available online so you need to ask collection experts.


An accession record is typically created by the repository to capture in one place information that is often scattered in many different documents. The form is sometimes referred to as an accessions register. - An accession record might include the deed of gift, a purchase agreement or receipt, or other proof of the transfer of ownership. It often includes supporting documentation, such as preliminary correspondence or information on rights and restrictions."

from the Society of American Archivists

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