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EE 333T - Engineering Communication - Fagelson

Articles in Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers

Finding Journal, Magazine and Newspaper Articles

For help in finding articles, we recommend using indexing tools.  Some indexes only index; some index and include text for some of the articles.  Always, though, you should see .  This helps find the text for the article in the UT subscriptions.  Here are the indexing products that we most often recommend for this class:

Also, the Libraries offer many other databases that index articles.  There's a big list.  Included in these databases are full-text products from other society publishers (besides the IEEE) such as the American Chemical Society (ACS), ASME, and ASCE.

"Find it @ UT"

When you see Find it at UT, usually you will want to click on it.  The hope is to find the text of a journal article or information about electronic holdings of a journal.

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