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ECE 333T - Engineering Communication

Articles in Journals, Magazines, & Newspapers -- Plus Conference Papers

Finding Research Papers, Magazine Articles, & Newspaper Articles

For help in finding articles, we recommend using indexing tools.  Some indexes only index; some index and include text for some of the articles.  Always, though, you should see the citation for the article.  This helps find the text for the article in the UT subscriptions.  These databases are some of our favorites.  

You will get totally worn out if you use all of them, so it is better to focus your efforts.  Academic Search Complete is a good place to start.  Each of the others has a special job or feature. 

Also, the Libraries offer many other databases that index articles.  There's a big list.  Included in these databases are full-text products from other society publishers (besides the IEEE) such as the ACM (the major association for computer science), American Chemical Society (ACS), ASME, and ASCE.

"Find it at UT"

When you see Find it at UT (or a similar offer), usually you will want to click on it.  Linking software works to find the text of a journal article or information about electronic holdings of a journal.

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