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Chemistry Guest Seminars

A&P Seminars 2018

Thursday, January 25, 3:30pm - 4:30pm, WEL 2.122 frank zamborini

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Frank Zamborini

Associate Professor, Chemistry

University of Louisville

Research Web Page

  • Catalytic Activity of Pd and PdAg MPCs
  • Electrochemical Deposition of Ag NRs/NWs
  • Negative Shift in Potential for Oxidation of Au and Ag Nanoparticles vs Bulk Material
  • Optical Properties of Coupled Nanostructures


Author Metrics

h-index:  35  Total Publications:  81  Total Citations:  3313  (Web of Science, Dec. 2017)

highly cited paperHighly Cited Paper:  Mieszawska, AJ et al.  The synthesis and fabrication of one-dimensional nanoscale heterojunctions.  Small, 3(5), 2007, 722-756.  DOI:  10.1002/smll.200600727

Faculty Recruiting Seminar  chong liu

Thursday, January 18, 3:30pm - 5:00pm, WEL 2.122

Materials Design and Electrochemical Methods for Water-Energy Nexus: From Water Purification to Resource Mining

Chong Liu

Postdoctoral Fellow, Materials Science and Engineering

Stanford University

Y. Cui Lab Research Web Page

PhD, Stanford, 2015

Cui Lab:  When the size of materials is reduced to the nanoscale dimension, physical and chemical properties can change dramatically. In addition, nanostructures also afford new exciting opportunities of low-cost processing. We are interested in a broad range of nanoscale properties including electronic, photonic, electrochemical, mechanical, catalytic and interfacial properties. Understanding these properties has important technological implications in energy conversion and storage, electronics, biotechnology and environmental technology. We study fundamentals of nanomaterials including nanowires, colloidal nanocrystals and patterned nanostructures, develop low-cost processings and address critical issues in real-world applications.

News Release 8/15/16:  SLAC, Stanford Gadget Grabs More Solar Energy to Disinfect Water Faster

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Author Metrics

h-index:  20  Total Citations:  1252  (Google Scholar Citations, Dec. 2017)

Faculty Recruiting Seminar  ofer kedem

Wednesday, January 10, 3:30pm - 4:30pm, WEL 2.122

Electron ratchets: generating currents without a bias

Ofer Kedem

Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Bio-Inspired Energy Research

Northwestern University

Research Web Page

Weiss Group Page



PhD, Weizmann Institute, Israel, 2013

My current work focuses on ratchets – far-from-equilibrium devices that transport particles using local asymmetries, rather than overall biases. Ratchets are rectifiers – they extract directional motion from non-directed sources of energy, like chemical energy and Brownian motion. Biological motors in the body use ratchet mechanisms, and produce motion very efficiently, even in the highly-damped biological conditions, where the noise is actually orders of magnitude stronger than the chemical energy available. We want to understand how the ratcheting applies to electrons, especially under highly-damped conditions, like in low-mobility organic semiconductors. Very little experimental work has been done on electron ratchets, and so we mainly seek to improve our understanding of the mechanism, with an eye toward possible future applications in solar cells or other electronic devices.


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h-index:  5  Total Publications:  14  Total Citations:  165  (ResearcherID, Nov. 2017)

h-index:  5  Total Citations:  212  (Google Scholar Citations, Nov. 2017)


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